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The best-selling brands for Dumbells in Dubai are: GainMotion, Body Sculpture, Reebok Fitness, TA Sports, Bowflex, Nohrd, Ziva, York Fitness, MX Select, Merrithew.

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Today’s sedentary lifestyle has made it tremendously important for people to exercise regularly. Dumbbell exercises form a crucial part of any strength training program. The most important advantages of dumbbell exercises are that along with strengthening the main muscle, it gets you to input from other vital stabilizing muscles as well.

Dumbbells set are inexpensive, versatile and easy-to-use weights that let you form a variety of workouts to improve your health. Depending on the quantity of weight you use, number of recurrences you do and the pace at which you use them, dumbbells can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, build muscle or increase muscular endurance for sports.

You can shape muscle with dumbbells using heavier weights. Increasing muscle mass helps reduce more calories throughout the day since a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat. The Centers for Disease Control recommends combining resistance training that shapes muscles with cardio exercises. You can body build with dumbbells or just tone muscle.

Using dumbbells to increase your heart rate helps you improve cardiovascular health. Starting at a slower pace, beginners to exercise can progress cardio stamina by using lighter weights for 30 minutes or longer. Raising the rate at which you practice the dumbbells can move your heart rate into the aerobic zone, providing even more cardio benefit. Regular aerobic exercise also helps improve blood cholesterol.

One of the significant benefits of training with dumbbells is their comparatively low cost and adaptability in comparison with other modes of training. Most gym machines are expensive and typically can be used to perform only one exercise.

Dumbbells, on the other hand, provide a massive range of exercises. And approximately every barbell exercise you can think of can also be performed with dumbbells. But that is not the end of the list. Add all the exercise variations that are possible with dumbbells that are not possible with barbells (e.g., single-arm and alternating-arm exercises) and you quickly see that the number of potential dumbbell exercises is quite large.

Additional benefit of dumbbell training over machine training is that most machines do not lend themselves well to explosive training. Dumbbells are well-matched to explosive training, which is the focus of most of the dumbbell exercises my athletes perform.

Additional benefit of dumbbells is that they are safer than barbells when performing certain exercises, such as one-leg squats or lateral box crossovers because dumbbells are easier to drop safely than a barbell. Suppose you are performing one-leg squats and you lose your balance—it is easy to safely drop dumbbells held at arm's length in either hand to regain your balance. But, with a barbell across your back, it is more difficult to drop the barbell safely without risking injury to yourself or to someone standing nearby or damaging the equipment.

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  1. 15% off Gainmotion Strength Combo (M8 Smith Machine+ 3 Pair Rubber Dumbbell )
    Gainmotion Strength Combo (M8 Smith Machine+ 3 Pair Rubber Dumbbell )
    Special Price AED 16,059.00 Regular Price AED 18,893.65
  2. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 30 KG Pair (Black)
  3. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 27.5 KG Pair (Black)
  4. TA Sport Chrome Dumbbell and Barbell Set with Carry Case 50 Kg
  5. TA Sport Black Barbell and Dumbbell Set with Carry Case 50 Kg
  6. Gainmotion Fixed Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set (Black)
  7. TA Sports Strength Training Chrome Dumbbell Set 20 Kg
  8. 15% off Gainmotion 4 in 1 Bundle (Bench + Dumbbells + Weight Plates + Bar)
    Gainmotion 4 in 1 Bundle (Bench + Dumbbells + Weight Plates + Bar)
    Special Price AED 8,475.13 Regular Price AED 9,970.75
  9. 10% off Gainmotion Personal Fitness 2 in 1 Combo
    Gainmotion Personal Fitness 2 in 1 Combo
    Special Price AED 5,125.50 Regular Price AED 5,695.00
  10. 10% off Gainmotion 2 in 1 Combo (Dumbbells Set + Bench)
    Gainmotion 2 in 1 Combo (Dumbbells Set + Bench)
    Special Price AED 6,657.66 Regular Price AED 7,397.40
  11. 15% off Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Dumbbell Set (Black)
    Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Dumbbell Set (Black)
    Special Price AED 4,995.00 Regular Price AED 5,850.00
  12. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 22.5KG Pair (Black)
  13. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 17.5KG Pair (Black)
  14. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 12.5KG Pair (Black)
  15. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 7.5KG Pair (Black)
  16. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 2.5KG Pair (Black)
  17. Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Dumbbell 22.5KG Pair (Black)
  18. Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Dumbbell 17.5KG Pair (Black)
  19. Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Dumbbell 12.5KG Pair (Black)
  20. Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Dumbbell 7.5KG Pair (Black)
  21. Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Dumbbell 2.5KG Pair (Black)
  22. Fitness 2 in 1 Combo (Selectorised Dumbbells, Adjustable Bench)
  23. Merrithew Mini Handweights
    Merrithew Mini Handweights
    As low as AED 147.00
  24. 11% off MX Select MX55 Adjustable Dumbbell Set
    MX Select MX55 Adjustable Dumbbell Set
    Special Price AED 3,100.00 Regular Price AED 3,475.00
  25. TKO Hex Dumbbells
  26. Merrithew Soft Dumbbells
    Merrithew Soft Dumbbells
    As low as AED 132.83
  27. TA Sport Hex Rubber Dumbbell (Pair)
  28. Reebok Fitness Dumbbell Vinly (Colored)
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