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Bars & Barbells

The leading brands for Bar and Barbells include: TKO, GainMotion, Body Sculpture, Ziva, TA Sports, Kettler, York Fitness, Tuntri

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A barbell is a metal bar that is able to be loaded with weights. When performing barbell training, one thing to have in mind though is some barbells already come in a pre-made weight and aren’t adjustable.

Different types of barbells are used in numerous settings. Here’s a breakdown of the different types.

Olympic Barbell weighs 45 pounds and is able to be loaded with weight plates. It’s used to increase strength by squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, and overhead pressing.

EZ Curl Bar: This bar already comes at a certain weight and is shorter than an Olympic barbell. It’s designed for doing biceps curls, triceps extensions, and other upper body moves. While some gyms have them up to 100 pounds, their best use is for building muscle size, not necessarily absolute strength.

Cardio Bar is a light (five to 20 pounds) bar that is either already at a fixed weight or can be adjusted. These are portable and are able to use in a group fitness setting. The purpose of these is for interval training and endurance performance.

The barbell is the simplest looking piece of gym equipment in the gym, but it’s one of the most complex gym equipment to train on how to use.

Due to the structure of the barbell, you can adjust movement performance to accommodate every individual's unique body proportions of the torso and limb lengths.

Barbells and dumbbells allow beginners to do exercises that mimic bodyweight movements but avail a load smaller than the body provides. For instance, with dumbbells or a barbell, you can do bench presses with a load as little as 10 or 15 pounds, whereas a standard push up involves the strength to push about 65% of your body weight.

Barbells weights permit you to increase resistance in very small increments. You can use plates as small as an eighth of a pound. By using small plates, you can increase struggle in small doses, to which your body can more speedily and easily adapt. For instance, you can evolve in your pull-ups or dips by one or two pounds of resistance at a time, which provides positive motivation for continuing to train, whereas with bodyweight movements alone it can be difficult to identify small improvements in performance.

Barbells weights are also useful for performing weighted flexibility and mobility exercises, which many adults need to overcome mobility deficits due to years of limited ranges of motion.

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  1. Pro Grip Seated Row/Chinning Bars Combo BDHY065
  2. Pro Grip Triceps Pressdown Bars BDHY061
  3. TKO 28"  Bar
    TKO 28" Bar
    AED 470.00
    Out of stock
  4. TKO 56″ Hex Bar
    TKO 56″ Hex Bar
    AED 1,280.00
  5. TA Sport Curl Bar - 47 inches
  6. TA Sport Chrome Dumbbell and Barbell Set with Carry Case 50 Kg
  7. TA Sport Black Barbell and Dumbbell Set with Carry Case 50 Kg
  8. Body Solid
LMMG Landmine Multi-Grip
  13. Gainmotion Commercial Olympic Bar 2.2M
  14. Gainmotion Commercial Olympic Bar 1.2M
  15. 8% off TA Sport 140KG Rubber Olympic Barbell Set
    TA Sport 140KG Rubber Olympic Barbell Set
    Special Price AED 2,572.50 Regular Price AED 2,795.00
  16. TKO Trigrip Delux Stirrup Handle
  17. TKO Multipurpose V Chrome Bar
  18. TKO Chrome Lat Bar 48 inch
  19. TKO Chrome Lat Bar 38 inch
  20. TKO Angled Pro Lat Bar 38 inch
  21. TKO Round Olympic Bar 7 inch 813 ROB
  22. TKO Chrome Cable Bar 17 inch
  23. TA Sport Straight Bar 86 Inch
  24. TA Sports Olympic Bar 60 inch
  25. Tunturi Tricep Bar Barbell With Screw 88cm
  26. Tunturi Olympic Power Bar 650KG Spring Collar
  27. 15% off Gainmotion 4 in 1 Bundle (Bench + Dumbbells + Weight Plates + Bar)
    Gainmotion 4 in 1 Bundle (Bench + Dumbbells + Weight Plates + Bar)
    Special Price AED 8,475.13 Regular Price AED 9,970.75
  28. 15% off Power Fitness Combo 4 in 1 (Power Rack + Bench + Weight Plates + Bar)
    Power Fitness Combo 4 in 1 (Power Rack + Bench + Weight Plates + Bar)
    Special Price AED 11,032.00 Regular Price AED 12,979.16
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