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The best selling brands for Dumbells, Kettlebells, Bars & Barbells and Weight Plates include: GainMotion, TKO, Body Sculpture, Ziva, TA Sports, Reebok Fitness, Kettler, BowFlex, Tuntri, Nohrd, York Fitness, Merrithew.

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Dumbbells and kettlebells offer profits for your workout, but not necessarily the same benefits. They work your muscles in a different way, and kettlebell exercises improve more of an aerobic quality to your workout than dumbbells. You don't have to replace one type of weight for the other; adding both to your workout regimen can give you an overall, balanced plan.

A difference between kettlebells and dumbbells that you can mark immediately is what they look like. Kettlebells appear like small cannonballs with handles attached, and dumbbells have a center bar with weights on each side. Dumbbells allow you to change your weights quickly; with free-weight-style dumbbells, simply slide another weight plate on each end or eliminate one, for instance. With kettlebells, you must take a heavier bell each time you're prepared to change weights. Some dumbbells have static weights on the ends, but these are usually for fewer heavyweights, not serious lifting.

Gym dumbbells offer a balanced piece of workout equipment, equally weighted on each side. This provides stability in your workout, giving you more one-handed options and more control of the movements than kettlebells. The Kettlebells weights are weighted off-center -- the handle is light on one side, while the ball is heavy on the other. As you move through exercises, the kettlebell has a tendency to want to keep going in the original direction, pulled through centrifugal force on the ball section. It involves more muscles group to redirect a kettlebell than it does a dumbbell. Because it's an unstable weight, a kettlebell offers itself well to aerobic-style exercises while still offering significant resistance to build stronger muscles. For instance, the kettlebell swing -- where you perform squat with the bell between your legs and stand up, using the force from your hips to help drive the kettlebell in front of your chest -- works muscles in your shoulders, abdominals, hips, and thighs, adding an aerobic element as you squat and stand repeatedly. You can perform the move with one or two hands on the bell. A typical dumbbell exercise is a biceps curl, where you hold a dumbbell down by your side and bend your elbow to lift it toward your shoulder -- a movement in a straight line, using a targeted group of muscles only. When you perform a biceps curl with kettlebell weight, you need extra muscles to stabilize the movement; the ball section that starts out hanging below your hand continues to hang down as you lift your hand, eventually ending up resting on your forearm. This changes the location of the weight and requires more wrist and forearm power to control.

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  1. 15% off Gainmotion 3 in 1 Combo(Half Rack+ Weight Plate Set + Bench + Bar)
    Gainmotion 3 in 1 Combo(Half Rack+ Weight Plate Set + Bench + Bar)
    Special Price AED 10,537.57 Regular Price AED 12,397.15
  2. 15% off Gainmotion Strength Combo (M8 Smith Machine+ 3 Pair Rubber Dumbbell )
    Gainmotion Strength Combo (M8 Smith Machine+ 3 Pair Rubber Dumbbell )
    Special Price AED 16,059.00 Regular Price AED 18,893.65
  3. 15% off Gainmotion 3 in 1 Combo (Half Rack + Weight Plates Set  + Bar )
    Gainmotion 3 in 1 Combo (Half Rack + Weight Plates Set + Bar )
    Special Price AED 8,495.53 Regular Price AED 9,994.75
  4. TA Sport Rubber Kettlebell 12 Kg Orange
  5. TA Sport Black Rubber Kettlebell 8 Kg
  6. TA Sport Black Rubber Kettlebell 10 Kg
  7. TA Sport Rubber Kettlebell 16 kg
  8. Pro Grip Seated Row/Chinning Bars Combo BDHY065
  9. Pro Grip Triceps Pressdown Bars BDHY061
  10. TKO 28"  Bar
    TKO 28" Bar
    AED 470.00
    Out of stock
  11. TKO 56″ Hex Bar
    TKO 56″ Hex Bar
    AED 1,280.00
  12. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 30 KG Pair (Black)
  13. Gainmotion Hex Rubber Dumbbells 27.5 KG Pair (Black)
  14. TA Sport Curl Bar - 47 inches
  15. TA Sport Rubber Kettlebell 28 Kg
  16. TA Sport Chrome Dumbbell and Barbell Set with Carry Case 50 Kg
  17. TA Sport Black Barbell and Dumbbell Set with Carry Case 50 Kg
  18. Gainmotion Fixed Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set (Black)
  19. Gainmotion Fixed Rubber Plates 2.5KG Pair (Black)
  20. Body Solid
LMMG Landmine Multi-Grip
  21. Body Solid 10 lb. Weight Stack Plat
  26. TA Sports Strength Training Chrome Dumbbell Set 20 Kg
  27. Gainmotion Commercial Olympic Bar 2.2M
  28. Gainmotion Commercial Olympic Bar 1.2M
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