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Functional Training / CrossFit

The best-selling brands for Functional Training and Cross-Fit Training include: Inspire Fitness, Impulse Fitness, TKO, Torque, Purmotion,BH Fitness Marshal Fitness, Marpo,Proform, 800 Sport

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Functional training workout has become the new slogan in gyms – but it’s by no means just one more ‘fad’ of fitness. Using workouts that alter the focus in fitness to a much more practical full-body workout, functional training works by exercising your muscles in a similar way to how your body would be used in everyday life. It’s the sort of training that prepares your body for several forms of daily activity and thus, sustains body strength and endurance that can be applied across all areas.

With an emphasis on strength, respiratory and flexibility the profits of functional trainer workouts and cross fit workouts differ from other workouts because of the way it targets your body. By combining the greatest of each arena of fitness and taking into consideration the physical laws applied to daily body movements, functional training is aimed at enhancing your health and general wellbeing.

By refining the complete function of your body, boosting muscle strength, stamina, and developing muscle and body stability everyday activities can be completed with more comfort. Related to conventional training, the benefits of functional fitness tend to out-weigh everything else because it’s actually aiming the movements, we are doing every day.

Because functional training and cross-fit training implement exercises that are low impact, it’s a great starting point for anyone at any fitness level to try. For newbies starting out with a different workout or fitness style, it can be really difficult knowing what is going to work best for your requirement, but functional training will help to progress all your physical abilities without causing stress to your body and joints.

One of the primary goals of functional training is to propose resistance. Implementing its exercises and programs works in improving your body’s functional strength by increasing overall flexibility and coordination. As your series of motion is enhanced, you’ll find day-to-day activities become easier.

With the practice of functional training and cross-fit training in functional fitness, weight management can be easily sustained reducing the stress on your body and boosting mobility, balance, and posture. Great posture is initial to all things, so working out on functional trainer routines will help in boosting the state of balance in your body enabling you to reach your full potential in activities throughout the day.

For those that grieve from the regular back, muscle and joint pain functional training can be super valuable. Best recognized for bridging the gap between personal training and physical therapy, functional fitness is designed to restore your body back to the way it’s designed to move. Because of this, chronic back, knee, neck and joint pain can all be suggestively reduced by getting your body back to basics.

It’s a perfect workout for everyday people wanting to move as comfortable as possible. Whether they stay away from exercise because of arthritis or chronic back and knee pain, the exercises used in functional training can make daily chores that were once hard, much more possible. For instance: A person suffering from chronic back pain may find bending over to pick something up very difficult, but with functional training, the body will soon adapt to this routine making it easier for them to do.

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  1. 800Sport Wall Ball – 2kg
  2. 800Sport Wall Ball – 4kg
  3. 800Sport Wall Ball – 6kg
  4. 800Sport Wall Ball – 8kg
  5. 800Sport Wall Ball – 15kg
  6. 800Sport Wall Ball – 12kg
  7. 800Sport Wall Ball – 10kg
  8. Impulse Cable Crossover HI/LO Pulley IF8125 + IF8127 OPT
  9. Body Solid Bicep Bomber BB23
  10. Battle Rope 9 meter LS3676
  11. TKO Tricep Rope
    TKO Tricep Rope
    AED 180.00
  12. 19% off Body Solid Cable Cross Over EQSCC1200/1 W/160LB
    Body Solid Cable Cross Over EQSCC1200/1 W/160LB
    Special Price AED 12,594.75 Regular Price AED 15,609.00
  13. 20% off Gainmotion M7 Functional Trainer
    Gainmotion M7 Functional Trainer
    Special Price AED 15,995.00 Regular Price AED 19,995.00
  14. 25% off Body Solid Tricep Rope BDHY064
    Body Solid Tricep Rope BDHY064
    Special Price AED 168.00 Regular Price AED 224.00
  15. Impulse ES9030 Functional Trainer
  16. 25% off Steelflex CLDCC Fusion Trainer
    Steelflex CLDCC Fusion Trainer
    Special Price AED 7,495.01 Regular Price AED 9,950.00
    Out of stock
  17. Insight Fitness SA Series SA022 Cable Crossover
  18. 8% off Impulse Dual Adjustable Pulley IT9030 – 13070399
    Impulse Dual Adjustable Pulley IT9030 – 13070399
    Special Price AED 10,500.00 Regular Price AED 11,411.51
    Out of stock
  20. Body Solid
PFT100 Powerline Functional Trainer
  21. Steelflex Sissy Squat
  22. Body Solid PCCCO90X Powerline Cable Crossover Machine
  23. 25% off Modern Movement M-Pad
    Modern Movement M-Pad
    Special Price AED 259.00 Regular Price AED 345.00
    Out of stock
  24. 25% off Modern Movement Edge Board
    Modern Movement Edge Board
    Special Price AED 371.00 Regular Price AED 494.00
    Out of stock
  25. Life Fitness Cable Station Gym G7
  26. SA Series SA021 Dual Adjustable Pullie
  27. BH Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley L370
    BH Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley L370
    Special Price AED 19,944.75 Regular Price AED 20,005.00
  28. 25% off Body-Solid Deluxe Cable Crossover GDCC250
    Body Solid Deluxe Cable Crossover GDCC250
    Special Price AED 11,542.00 Regular Price AED 15,389.00
    Out of stock
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