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Purmotion Air Fit Pro Trainer

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No product in the marketplace comes close to the AirFit Trainer Pro! Born in the trenches by a 5x Olympian and functional strength coach!

Designed to Fit You

No product in the marketplace comes close to the AirFit Trainer Pro! Born in the trenches by a 5x Olympian and functional strength coach!

The AirFit Pro is a user-defined tool that adapts to you so you can develop real functional strength while keeping proper joint-alignment!

Challenge your 600 plus muscles in a single workout using The AirFit Trainer Pro™! Learn muscles you did not know you had until you try the Reverse Sit Up, Whack-A-Mole, Witches’ Brew, MMA Push Ups, Bow and Arrow and many more…You will learn and forever remember the name of all those muscles you worked when working out with the AirFit.

All AirFitPro movement patterns follows proper joint alignment! What does that mean? No pain in your joints now or later! PurMotion understands the practical application of human kinematics thanks to the founder’s extensive experience in the sport of judo. “You will not throw a person over your shoulders without proper joint alignment, regardless how strong you are” explained Jorge Bonnet.

But the most important thing is that now you are able tomove the way your body was design for…and that is to do purpose-based physical work!

The concept behind this innovative product is to train your body as an integrated unit; moving in every direction while managing different loads with little or no transition between movements.

With the AirFit Pro you can do BODYWEIGHT training; Or attached the Cyclone 52 pulley to your cable column machine to do RESISTANCE training or anchor the AirFit Pro to a sled or heavy tire and you will understand why Strongman incorporate RESISTED locomotion to develop supernatural lower body strength!

The AirFit Pro is an OPEN SYSTEM. Although it comes with a pair of Ultra Slings, the user has the option to use other attachments such as handles, short thick ropes, Core 12 Bar, and Performance Harness.


» Ultra Slings™ open to allow for combinations with handles, bars, or other attachments.

» Our Cyclone 52™ unleashes the potential to train one limb at a time and engages the core as a stabilizer. Simple reconfiguration locks the Cyclone 52™ in place for simpler exercises that require less stabilization.

» Air Spring™ diminishes jarring of other suspension trainers.

» The adjustable strap allows for the AirFit Trainer Pro™ to be hung from an attachment point 10′ high.

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