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Steppers & Twisters

The leading brands for Stepper machine and Twister gym machine include: Reebok Fitness, Body Sculpture, TA Sports, and Tuntri.

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The Stair Climber is the most powerful gym equipment of the lot and bags the trophy of the best cardio machine to burn fat. While it looks like the humble mall escalator, there's more to this workout giant than meets the eye. What's better is that it helps increase insulin resistance - decreasing the risk of getting diabetes. If done right, this equipment will help you burn a staggering number of calories. Again, the effectiveness is dependent on the pace and timing spent on the equipment. Or try it the cheat way (which we will graciously provide). The trick to this equipment is simple - not to slouch. It's all about the posturing here. Maintain posture like you're walking briskly and you'll burn more calories. Lean on the handles and slouch, and you're bound to burn at least 20 percent fewer calories than you would optimally burn with a straight back. Another cheat way is to alternate paces -- one way to keep you going while catching up on your breath.

If you want to retain your body fit then exercise is the must. Walking or running is a great exercise. It burns calories and fat to keep your body fit. But in this era of the busy life, it is not so easy to make time out for this.

A stepper machine is the best solution for this problem. These are very helpful to work out and easy to store. A good stepper machine can burn a lot of calories, reduce stress, improves your muscles and keep you fit and look younger.

To burn your calories and fat and to stay fit you can buy a stepper machine. Here you will find the best stepper machine you are looking for!

Health is the most important aspect, that should be taken care of by each and every individual. To provide you with better health and convenience to work out, Stepper machine and Twister gym machine is the best option.

This machine gives the user comfort to work out on your body and health at home. It won’t take much of your time, a span of five minutes would be perfect for working out on this machine.

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  1. Aerobic Stepper LS3168A
  2. 800Sport Aerobic Step
  3. 12% off TA Sports Stair Climber 9100
    TA Sports Stair Climber 9100
    Special Price AED 13,644.75 Regular Price AED 15,500.00
  4. 1% off TA Sport Magnetic Incline Summit Trainer EFIT
    TA Sport Magnetic Incline Summit Trainer EFIT
    Special Price AED 4,462.50 Regular Price AED 4,495.00
    Out of stock
  5.  Jacobs Ladder 2
    Jacobs Ladder 2
    AED 20,506.50
  6. Jacobs Ladder 1
    Jacobs Ladder 1
    AED 25,137.00
  7. Precor Stair Climber CLM 835
  8. 25% off Spirit Fitness CS800 Stepper
    Spirit Fitness CS800 Stepper
    Special Price AED 6,960.00 Regular Price AED 9,280.01
    Out of stock
  9. 11% off BH FITNESS R250BM SK2500 STEPPER
    BH Fitness R250BM SK2500 Stepper
    Special Price AED 15,645.00 Regular Price AED 17,650.00
    Impulse Commercial Stepper PST300
    Special Price AED 7,612.50 Regular Price AED 9,955.00
  11. SteelFlex Commercial Stepper PST10
  12. Tunturi Twister Motion Trainer
  13. Reebok Elements Deck
  14. Reebok Fitness Elements Step (Blue)
  15. Reebok Fitness Easy Tone Step
  16. Reebok Deck Black
    Reebok Deck Black
    AED 1,050.00
    Out of stock
  17. TA Sport Twist Stepper With Rope Ft-S9010M
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