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The latest brands for the elliptical machine in the market include: NordicTrack, Proform, Afton Fitness, BowFlex, Kettler, BH Fitness, Impulse Fitness, Sole Fitness, Tunturi, Pro Solid, FreeMotion, Nautilus, Marshal Fitness, Life Fitness.

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Elliptical trainers guarantee a smooth and natural motion which results in inspiring total-body workouts. This cardio machine simulates stair climbing, walking, or running and is very mild on your joints. It is very effective for old people and also advisable for someone who is new to exercise or is overweight.

Lack of time is one of the biggest challenges for folks looking to work out on a consistent basis - the ease of an in-home elliptical will allow you to fit a workout into your plan and with one of our top-performing ellipticals you can achieve a full cardiovascular workout from the comfort of your own home.

An elliptical trainer is one of the safest equipment’s to start with (pace-wise). Burning calories on the elliptical trainer burns are dependent on your intensity and time spent on the equipment. One of the advantages of the elliptical trainer has over most cardio machines that burn fat, is that the elliptical trainer also works on your hands, focusing on the forearms and muscles, making it a holistic workout. The downside to working out on the elliptical is, that after a while the workout may become useless since you control the pace of trainer and not the opposite (in most of the cases) If you start to slouch on your workout, the elliptical will slow down too, so you may not even realize when you've lost focus. So, if you use the elliptical, make sure you keep a steady or alternating pace, to keep you on track.

An elliptical machine is also acknowledged as an elliptical trainer or cross-trainer. It is used to perform numerous types of cardiovascular exercises and by dropping the risk of getting injured. It means that these elliptical machines are professionally and particularly designed to provide the proper exercises services without any risk of getting injured Consistent use of the elliptical machine for performing exercise makes a person healthy and fit than before.

The cross trainer or elliptical trainer is the best choice to go with if you want to perform the cardiovascular exercises properly. These machines are used to simulate running, walking and stair climbing without getting the stress or pressure on the joints. The main aim of the elliptical machine is to reduce the risk of injuries and provide the best cardiovascular services easily and properly. The elliptical machine allows the upper and lower body to move while performing exercises on it.

Using an elliptical machine consistently for performing activities provides you with many aids also. Burns calories it means that using the elliptical machine regularly can help a person in burning of calories. The more and more you make a routine of the elliptical machine daily on a regular basis, the more you burn your calories and fat as well. Lower body strong it denotes the legs and lower muscles which become tougher than before if the person habitually makes use of the elliptical machine. Pressure-free exercise, it means that performing the cardio exercises on the elliptical machine doesn’t put the pressure on the joints. So, users can effortlessly perform the workout or exercise without getting tired early.

Sports Planet online store you will get all brands of the elliptical cross trainer. We provide free shipping and installation in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm-Al-Quwain. Get exciting offers, deals on the best elliptical machine collection from our online store.

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  1. 13% off TA Sports Elliptical Bike HM894
    TA Sports Elliptical Bike HM894
    Special Price AED 1,569.75 Regular Price AED 1,795.00
  2. TA Sport Magnetic Elliptical Bike IREB0917M4
  3. TA Sports Magnetic Incline Summit Trainer EFIT 61720
  4. 8% off TA Sports Elliptical YK-CT180C Air Power
    TA Sports Elliptical YK-CT180C Air Power
    Special Price AED 3,669.75 Regular Price AED 3,995.00
  5. 8% off TA Sports Elliptical 9300
    TA Sports Elliptical 9300
    Special Price AED 4,614.75 Regular Price AED 4,995.00
  6. 15% off Impetus Elliptical Trainer VE 4500
    Impetus Elliptical Trainer VE 4500
    Special Price AED 2,409.75 Regular Price AED 2,850.00
    Out of stock
  7. 23% off BH Fitness Elliptical LK8150
    BH Fitness Elliptical LK8150
    Special Price AED 12,757.50 Regular Price AED 16,550.00
  8. True Fitness Commercial-400 Elliptical with Console XC400-19
  9. True Fitness Lateral Trainer with Console XL1000-19
  10. 12% off Steelflex Commercial Elliptical CESG with 21 Inch Stride
    Steelflex Commercial Elliptical CESG with 21 Inch Stride
    Special Price AED 10,920.00 Regular Price AED 12,380.00
  11. Sportsart G875 – Elliptical – LED Display
  12. BH Fitness Foldable Cross Trainer G2330
  13. Impetus Elliptical IE-480
  14. Xterra FS380 Elliptical
  15. 1% off TA Sport Magnetic Incline Summit Trainer EFIT
    TA Sport Magnetic Incline Summit Trainer EFIT
    Special Price AED 4,462.50 Regular Price AED 4,495.00
    Out of stock
  16. 16% off TA Ellipitical YK-CT180C
    TA Ellipitical YK-CT180C
    Special Price AED 3,617.25 Regular Price AED 4,295.00
  17. Octane Max Trainer
    Octane Max Trainer
    AED 19,950.00
  18. Octane Fitness Q35 X Elliptical
  19. Octane Fitness Q37 X Elliptical
  20. 9% off Impulse Fitness PE350 Elliptical Crosstrainer
    Impulse Fitness PE350 Elliptical Crosstrainer
    Special Price AED 9,082.50 Regular Price AED 9,995.00
  21. Spirit Fitness CE900 Elliptical Trainer
  22. SportsArt E835 Elliptical
  23. TA Sports  Elliptical EFIT51800EH
  24. Precor Stair Climber CLM 835
  25. Precor Fixed Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer AMT763
  26. Precor Fixed Stride  Adaptive Motion Trainer AMT733
  27. Precor Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer EFX635
  28. Spirit Fitness Elliptical XE795
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